About me

I’m familiar with a variety of programming languages, including Dart, Kotlin and Java. And frameworks like Flutter and Android. I also have experience building packages and libraries. But I’m always adding new skills to my repertoire. I’m also eager to meet other software engineers in the area, so feel free to connect!

I love empowering other people. For that, I dream of building that revolutionary SDK or framework that will help fellow developers. I have worked on a dart package that simplifies validations. It provides APIs to facilitate separating validation and business rules from the application presentation.

What I'm doing

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    Mobile apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android using Flutter.


  • Tarek Alabd

    Tarek Alabd

    I am so grateful to work with Ahmed, in whom I found all the enthusiasm I could not find in anyone else, and his ability to learn and adapt quickly and effectively. I was also drawn to his ability to adequately analyze the problems he encounters, then think of the most appropriate ways to solve that problem, present his solutions to his colleagues, and ultimately choose the best solution. Ahmed is an intelligent person, thinks about problems logically, and is very good at learning new things and concepts quickly.



  1. Tanta University, Computer Engineering

    2017 — 2022

    Key courses: Data Structures and Algorithms, Design Patterns, Databases, Compilers and language design.


  1. Mobile Developer, Awaed Financial Services

    2022 — Present

    o Building the foundation of a SaaS product using Flutter web

  2. Software Engineer, MegaTrust Group

    2020 — 2022

    o Designed reusable components across many levels that are utilized by the team in projects, reducing initial project setup time by 20%.
    o Participated in the development of 3 apps based on a clean architecture using the Flutter framework.
    o Mentored 5 interns to bring them up to speed on the most recent Flutter best practices.

  3. Co-Organizer, GDG Damanhour

    2019 — Present

    o GDG Damanhour [Google Developer Group -Damanhour].
    o One of the first team founders and IT Head of GDG Damanhour.
    o We create tech events about software and programming.
    o I helped organize more than 50 events across 3 years with hundreds of attendees.

  4. Freelancer, Upwork

    2021 — Present

    o I have completed up to 2 projects including bug fixes and enhancements.

My skills

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • OOP